Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14 Days of Valentine - Winner #1

My awesome hard drive platter rose!
Here's the dealio! Blogger and this blogist are no longer friends. (Ok, we're still friends, but we're just not BFFs at the moment!) I went to check the comments for my blog and realized that nothing has posted since day 10, I've been so busy that I didn't actually notice. (It's mostly a PEBCAK error, you know Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard!) Because of this, I've decided to give away two prizes.
The first prize is a secret, mystery prize (otherwise known as a few things that I've been saving to give away as gifts!) that goes to the person who was randomly chosen for commenting up until this point. That person, by random draw is: 
(Send me an email or FB message with your address!)

The second prize is the $25 Amazon Gift Card that I will pick a winner for on President's Day (February 21)! So, there you have it folks, go back comment on the last few days, and let me know how your love day was! Cheers!

The standard rules:
1) You must become a follower, and stick around until the 15th (when I draw).
2) Comment each day to get an entry for a fabulous prize! It's the perfect gift for anyone!


  1. congratulations to Alicia for winning the prize.

  2. I saw that picture on FB and wondered what it was. Was that what you got from Ryan? And congrats to Alicia!