Thursday, July 14, 2011

A whole lot of catching up to do!

In a stunning move, that will disappoint dear Belinda, I'm going to combine a whole lot of posts into one right now because I'm behind on blogging and I just want to 1) feel like it's not on my check list anymore and 2) share cards with the world! :D (Side note: I have been busy at work, loving what I do, but it's hard to come home from a tech job and hop on the computer! No more details, I'd like to keep this a work free zone!)
So here's what I have for you:
Mami Doodles - 6/24

Tuesday Morning Sketches - 7/5

Tuesday Morning Sketches - 7/12

The first two photos are demos of the awesome detachable bookmarks that we were challenged to incorporate into this week's card! I love the way this turned out! Let me know if you want instructions, I'd love to help!
That's all I have for you today, hope you enjoy! I'll start working on getting the posts out a little more consistently. :D (And no, BCL, I'm not sharing the cards I made in PA...I'm submitting them for publication.)

A post just to play!

Just a quick link to post my get well card for the Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge this week! Hope you like it!