Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Ehren: 22 Months

Dear Ehren,

I am not sure the words to describe how I feel about you even exist. You make me smile, laugh, and generally just feel amazing. You bring out instincts that I never knew I had. As your mother I have managed to find a way to look laid back even when I'm ready to jump out of my skin because you're screaming/tantruming/climbing all the scary stairs. And then there's the love. This feeling of hot tears building behind my eyes when I think of how much and how deeply, and how naturally, I love you. With all my being. That's how much I love you. They say that your heart grows to make room for the love in your life with a child, and I have to believe that's true. 

You're finally saying new words every day, I've been worried about your speech for a while now, but it seems as though you've caught on. Toddler-speak is difficult to interpret for daddy and I, so it means that we pay extra close attention when you talk. We want to understand you and want you to feel heard. Sometimes, you're just making noises, and honestly, I think sometimes you're just messing with us.

Currently, you're obsessed with Sam and his flat crackers. You get so excited to see Sam, dad's carpool buddy, every morning and it cracks us all up. He is just as excited to see you, and it's pretty great to see you trusting other adults. 

Basically, right now, you're the perfect mix of heart-burstingly awesome and horrendous toddler and it's an awesome phase. It's pretty cool to be your parent, thank you!

Love you forever,