Monday, June 7, 2010

A very short, very belated post...and a winner!

I've been busy lately. We're moving out of the house so the renters can take up residence before we leave for Ohio. Before we move back in with the folks/move into the dorms (the Hubby's going with his folks and I'm going to be an RA for the summer) we've decided to go on a little road trip. However, I know that I need to post an update before I disappear on the beach for the rest of the week.
My blog candy winner is Ren-Yi Lo! Coincidentally, her card ended up earning her a guest design team member spot with Scrap Our Stash! Congrats! (Please email me when you decide which WMS stamp set you want!)
Next bit of news: I'm applying for Samantha Strachan's new design team! Wish me lots of luck, and I'll let you know how it goes!
I'll leave you with my rules of (this) road trip:
If you realize you forgot something, you must laugh. There's no point in getting mad anyway! :)
Physics makes a great drinking topic, especially with a couple of physics majors!
The rain is not an excuse, you must still get out of the car...and you won't melt!
Forget about everything that you didn't do at home before you left. (I can't pack from Oregon anyway!)
Have fun & take lots of photos! (I'll be scrappin' this when I get back!)

I'll be back with another post after we return from our trip on June 13! Happy Monday!