Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14 Days of Valentine - Day 1

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm all in! I love my husband dearly, and Valentine's Day is a socially acceptable all-out mush-fest! Boo-fricken-yah! (I kind of treat everyday as a mush-fest but, the "awww so cute" I consistently hear from my boss indicates that I'm not normal. Or socially acceptable!) I thought I would share the love this Valentine's Day, and have a little countdown. I'll be sharing the gifts I made for my better half for Valentine's Day, in an effort to inspire you! I'm also giving away a prize, check it out at the bottom of this post!

DH was out of town for a week, which gave me a chance to work on this project like a mad woman! It also gave me a lot of time to consider what I wanted to give him. It became clear one day when we were on the phone and he asked "Why do you love me?" Granted, he was being particularly obnoxious, but I found it to be appropriate fodder for his Valentine's Day gift. I give you Part 1 of my grandiose 2011 Valentine's Day Present: The Book.

This it the cover. Like the rest of the book, the cover is cut from the largest Labels 1 die.  Unlike the rest of the book, I used chipboard letters and a very special heart stamp from Waltzingmouse Stamps. To put the cover together, I attached two sheets of white shimmer cardstock to a piece of chipboard. Before attaching the white paper, I used red tape around the edges of the chipboard and adhered the red ribbon to make a nice edge. The letters are threaded onto the same type of ribbon and adhered firmly with a bit of red tape (and the weight of a "real" book). I'm sure you're ready to hear about the giveaway, so I'll put my Barn Door Distress Ink away, and give you the deets.

Here's the scoop:
1) You must become a follower, and stick around until the 15th (when I draw).
2) Comment each day to get an entry for a fabulous prize! It's the perfect gift for anyone!
3) I will have a special bonus post to get you an additional entry (or two, or three) sometime in the 14 day countdown, so be on the lookout!

Thanks for playing along, and let me know, are you a Valentine's Day enthusiast?


  1. Cute! I love that you are his biggest cheerleader. Too many wives/girlfriends bad-mouth their guys and that's just not right!
    PS I'm totally following you :)

  2. I like the shape of the Book and am looking forward to the rest of the story.

  3. I had been wondering how all of this started. I like the book cover....it's pretty!