Wednesday, February 2, 2011

14 Days of Valentine - Day 2

Reasons I love you, #1: I can be myself when I'm with you!
I have been with my husband for nearly 10 years, so I really cannot pull the "pretend not to be crazy" act like Elliot on Scrubs ). I guess I'm more like this except for he already knows! :D At any rate, my hubby knows that I am a neurotic, driven, random, spazzo of a person with a soft spot for camping, stamps, and Office Space. I'm bipolar when it comes to Star Trek and even worse when you make me pick between things like Friends and Seinfeld. (We have both in the DVD rack!) I can be honest with you and you listen. I really appreciate that there's no faking who I am...unless it's Halloween!
On to the page I made for him! That little heart is the result of a very random creative thought! I needed a way to trace a heart onto the page but I tested a light pencil mark and erased it and the results were not pretty! This was while I was sitting in the Archiver's crop area and as I stared at the wall of punches I had a brilliant plan - I would emboss a heart punch-out! I grabbed the best looking heart off of the wall punched out a piece of cardstock and sandwiched it all together before running it through the Big Shot. The result was a noticeable but subtle heart embossed perfectly on my page. I used that to punch my holes with a piercing tool, and then used metallic embroidery floss to backstitch my homemade design. Pro tip - Plan to use shorter lengths of the metallic floss and have multiple ends on the back because it tangles impossibly, and fast! I used my Copic Multi-liners on all of the pages of the book - way better than a Sharpie and much more versatile! (Also, much more expensive!) Done with the rambling, you are free to comment for the giveaway - the rules are below!

Here's the scoop:
1) You must become a follower, and stick around until the 15th (when I draw).
2) Comment each day to get an entry for a fabulous prize! It's the perfect gift for anyone!
3) I will have a special bonus post to get you an additional entry (or two, or three) sometime in the 14 day countdown, so be on the lookout!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous husband :)

  2. I like to hear about rescued projects that turn out better than planned to fix a boo boo.

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful present for Valentine's Day!

  4. It was a planned heart all along. I'm not buying your story. he he!

  5. I really like the heart paper that's multi-colored.