Thursday, December 20, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 6

Another photoless day. You'll understand when I get to the topic. I'm pretty sure I'm ridiculously paranoid, but I offer no apologies. Today's topic:

Christmas Parties!

PARTAY! I've been to four parties so far this year. Hubster has been to zero. Erm, this would typically be a bit odd that the wife has been out running around partying, but all of mine have been work related. By work "related" I mean two were actually at the office and two were with the Chamber of Commerce. Not really the typical party circuit, but then again, our favorite Christmas party, isn't actually a "Christmas" party.

Sometime in the midst of growing up and growing "old" we started hosting a New Year's Eve party with all of our friends at our place. Oh, this was truly my favorite part of being old: hosting parties! FOOD! Cocktails! FOOD! Presents! FOOD! Fire! FOOD! Gift Exchanges! FOOD! And welcoming in the new year with our favorite people. When we moved to Ohio, this was the part of the season I missed the most. I think I lost my "festive" mood the day I realized that 2011 would be welcomed in without our traditional party. Bummer. (I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that we had an awesome time that New Year's Eve with Steve and Laurie in Chicago!)

This year we aren't exactly getting the party back, but we are getting together with our friends in late December and it makes me very happy. There are now two little ones in the group, three of us have moved away, one couple is expecting little one #3, and there are four married couples. Some are still chipping away at degrees and some are trying to make a career work. (That would be me...hello real world and student loans!) Never fail, we are all still friends - nay, family - and the holiday season isn't the same without "our" party.

So, no photos today because I don't post party photos (please see the paranoia mentioned above) and while a photo is worth 1,000 words it can't show the kind of crazy that happens when we're all together. I can't wait for our get together this year. It may not be on New Year's Eve, but it is with all of our favorite people and that's what matters most.

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