Monday, December 17, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 3

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was full of Christmas card assembly, cocoa, lights, and planning our trips to Montana and Southern Washington. Most importantly, our weekend included a handed-down tradition. This brings us to our topic of:

Annual Hallmark Ornament

Yeah, I buy Hallmark ornaments. I used to look at them and think "What pretentious, self-absorbed, snob spends $15+ on a plastic ornament?" Well, I must admit, that I am that person now. At Christmas the year Mr. Man and I got married in 2007 his parents gave us an ornament and told us about their tradition of buying an ornament every year. Now, they have almost 35 different ornaments to put on their tree. One for every year. The years filled with the happiness of a new baby or the heartbreak of moving to Butte (HAHAHAHAHA! JUST KIDDING!!! Er, sort of!) the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Ryan and I loved this idea and we chose to go with a Hallmark Ornament every year. The only rule is that the current year be printed someplace on the ornament. We've been bummed before thanks to our own forgetfulness. (Note to future self - NOVEMBER is the time to hit up Hallmark.) This year, I remembered, and we selected a sweet snowman. Quite the ironic choice considering our new home is more likely to experience flooding than flurries on Christmas Day.
No matter the year, and no matter the selection, we know that we picked it out together. If we have it our way, we'll pick out our next 94 ornaments together too. I can't wait.

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