Thursday, January 7, 2010

A wedding present: a little early and a little late, all at once

My friend Jen got married in September and I (along with a friend) took photos for the wedding. Her very late but oddly early wedding/anniversary gift is this scrapbook. I will be giving it to her tomorrow, I let you know what she says about it.
Anywho, I'm being lazy, so this is just going to be a picture post with some assorted commentary from me (aka, the peanut gallery)! (Please note, the book is missing a front page and a card. Both will be completed when I get the photos I ordered after work. Look for another post in a day or two!)

Jacob & Jennifer McCulloch
10 September 2009

Each section is color coordinated: Ceremony, Formals, Portraits, Flowers, Reception 
It's a little odd but, I felt like titling the family page...don't ask why!
Also, please note that I am merely an accesory to the assault of the bride in the spread above!

With the spreads on the left, above an below, I started to play with 2 pages that "go" together.
I like these 4 pages the best! (Plus I finally used some of the ribbon that I bought for invitations in July!)

While the flower page on the right (above) does have bling, you could tell that I was at a loss for layouts at this point. Oh, well. There has to be a "least favorite" part of every project!

On the left, we have photos from the micro-reception and subsequent car painting. And finally, I had a blank, I filled it. Since I already gave the bride all of the pictures on a thumb drive, I figured that I would use the CD slot/envelope/thingy to put in a handmade card that matches.

There it is. 19 pages of "simple elegance". If you had any knowledge of the planning phase of the wedding you would totally understand the reasoning behind the super "plain" pages. I like to think of it as "clean" since I'm not one to go gaga over a 1 lb. scrapbook page! :) Oh, and before you ask - the album is in black and white because the two cameras used were not shooting in the same color profile...oops!


  1. Scrapbook looks nice. She'll like it for sure. Good job!

  2. Awww what a sweet gift! Will you scrapbook my wedding pics too? ;-) Haha, love love love the simple elegance though!