Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So every year, I attempt to blog with renewed vigor. I get through February, maybe even March, and then something happens. What? I have no idea, but to date, I've only posted once in April. ONCE! In the five years I've been blogging. I think there's a trend here - I am at war with springtime.

Seriously. It actually makes sense.

2009 - I started the blog in May, April never had a chance
2010 - I was mid-thesis pulling all night research sessions. March through July may not have happened for all I know
2011 - I had allergies. Oh, wait, that's right it wasn't allergies it was pneumonia and it lasted FOR-EVER
2012 - My husband left me in Ohio. For real. He went to Washington to start his new job and I suffered through most of an Ohio summer before I quit my job to move.
2013 - Oh, so many things happened this spring. All medical, all private. I think I would have rather had pneumonia again. (Although, I really shouldn't go there because I'll end up with it again!)

But now, it's summer. Summer and I are friends. Very good friends! Here's a little scoop This Friday we move from Bremerton to Seattle. SEATTLE. We're moving to Seattle. We have a door buzzer. WE ARE FINALLY GOING TO BE LIVING IN THE CITY! I'm so very excited to be living in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Spring this year also brought the fear of the Sequester. Summer hit back with new, very awesome jobs for both of us. I feel like I get a new lease on 2013. And blogging.

I'll be setting up my new craft room shortly. I'll be sharing a studio/office with Ryan so I need to really slim my stash down. I promised not to take over the whole room. I promised not to take over the whole room. I promised not to take over the whole room. I'll just keep repeating that until I take over most of the room.

For comparison's sake, here's the room I just packed up:

Wish me luck, I'm going to need all I can get. That goes for moving and blogging. :)

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