Thursday, September 20, 2012


So...I've been thinking...I have no short term goals. I'm good at looking at the very distant future an visualizing what life will look like. Forget it with the here and now. As luck would have it, I have quite literally nothing that I have to do at this point in time. Sure, I may have little errands, but so much of my requirements in life stemmed from work (in case you missed it, my last day at Chase was in early August when I left to be with the hubster in Washington). I have things I want to do like eat bonbons and watch tv, but barring breathing, eating, and sleeping - no one is really counting on me to do anything. Seriously, not even my husband. It's nice. But...I kind of miss it all...even the on, you'll understand where this is going.
Apparently, I don't operate well with nothing to do. I have a new job lined up and only 10 days left to enjoy this freedom. So, what have I done? I half started a ton of projects, and languished on teh Intarwebs. As a result, I am following the trend of making lists. I'm an overachiever though, I made 2 lists - 12 things I want to do 12 times in 2012 and 12 things I WILL do in 2012. I'm blogging this to keep myself honest, focused, and productive. I need you, my readers, to keep me honest. Here goes nothing...

12 things I want to do 12 times in 2012 (To be known as the 12 Cubed list)
  1. Meatless Monday (This is harder than before without tomatoes in my diet)
  2. Use the crockpot (This will be good with fall weather + new job)
  3. Finish a Scrapbook Page (Um, yeah, I'm slow...)
  4. Send a card (I suck at this, this will be harder than it should be!)
  5. Finish a “fabricraft” (I'm counting crochet, cross stitch, headboards, quilts, really anything with fabric/yarn/string)
  6. Really RUN a mile (That means 14 minute mile for me, I'm really short...and slow)
  7. Blog (With substance!)
  8. Post an item to my Etsy shop (I have many things I have made that need to be added)
  9. Go without social networking for a day (No Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Twitter...maybe even email...)
  10. Unpack a box (We have more than 12 left!)
  11. Take the dog to the park (For at least 30 minutes and at least once in the rain! I love a muddy dog.)
  12. Try a new recipe (We don't have to like it, I just have to try it!)
12 things I will do in 2012 (To be known as the 12 Squared list)
  1. Run/walk a ½ marathon (Seattle 1/2 on November 25)
  2. Start a new job (Red Cross on October 1)
  3. Join a CSA (Even if it starts in 2013)
  4. Refinish a piece of furniture (If it's hideous it can hide in the closet...)
  5. Give back to my "community" (Volunteer or Give Money)
  6. Clean/Organize the apartment (At least to the point where my mom won't clean my apartment when she comes over)
  7. Skype with a friend (I miss Rachel, Ren-Yi, and Belinda - are you still out there?)
  8. Pay it forward for the people on Studio Calico (I have something I'd like to giveaway, just a matter of doing it!)
  9. Visit another country (Victoria, BC in December)
  10. Tell my husband that I love him every single day (Intentionally, not just out of habit.)
  11. Visit my grandparents (Thanksgiving? Christmas? Random weekend?)
  12. SNAP/Foodstamp Challenge ($56 a week for two people for 1 week minimum)
 I have some plans and some problems with these - it will be a mix of easy to hit and asking WTF?! I can easily hit number 2 on the Squared list (I start training for my new job at the Red Cross as the Communication Director on October 1) but #5, 6 and 9 on the Cubed list scare the bejeezus out of me. I'm hoping that in doing this I'll spend more time doing things that make me happy and cut out things that are just eating my time (AHEM, Facebook and Pinterest!). Ok, I'm off to so something...preferably from one of these lists!

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