Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yeah, I've abandoned you...if you're still out there...

So, here's the deal. I quit my job, moved across the country, and I have now planted myself firmly in the Pacific NW. It's been a really long time since I have posted, and I'm ok with that. I've crafted more in the past few months than I did when I was really focused on blogging and I'm only posting today because I did something awesomely creepy.

I had an interview. I had no printer. I needed resumes. Friends to the rescue! I broke, fixed, used, and left an awkward mess around the printer. Went to the interview. Kicked butt. Returned to the house, cleaned my mess, and made a card. Yeah, that's right. I picked up scraps off the floor, grabbed a stamp, borrowed a trimmer, tied a bow, and Bob's your uncle. Here's the evidence:

I snapped a photo. Told my hubster it was my calling card. Locked the door on my way out. Then I watched The Big Lebowski. Who can really complain about a Monday like that? Bonus, it fits for Mrs. Stephanie Howell's challenge. How serendipitous.

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