Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goals Update #1

As of today, Saturday, I have managed to meet a few goals and started to close in on a couple of others. Here's what I've done so far:
From the 12 Cubed list
Hitting #2 Use the crockpot and #12 Try a new recipe  - I made Cheesy Broccoli Soup from scratch today. I kind of smashed two recipes together to match what I had on hand. The recipes are here and here. I have a bunch of cards that I need to mail out for birthdays and the like too, so I think I have an opportunity to hit #4 easily.
From the 12 Squared list
I sanded and stripped two pieces of furniture that I was going to turn into a stacked dresser for our bedroom. Then I decided to test stack them. Houston, I have a problem! One is way deeper than the other and it's also not as wide so I can't stack them the other way. I will probably not stack them anymore and just put them in two different rooms. So my attempt at #4 Refinish a piece of furniture isn't a total bust, but it's not quite going the direction I wanted it to go. I've been cleaning and arranging all morning in honor of #6 Clean/Organized the apartment. All I can say, is that my mother would be ashamed...
When Mr. Husband saw #10 Tell my husband that I love him every single day (Intentionally, not just out of habit.) he was really confused, but this one's mostly in my head, and going just fine. :)

I'll check back in after I accomplish a few more items, and maybe I'll even have photos! Enjoy your weekend!

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