Monday, June 20, 2011

A quick post to celebrate!

Because I'm in a generous mood, and I've hit 100 blog posts (as of Saturday), I am giving away a couple of items to the people who have stuck around to read and comment on my blog. First, the followers, I picked 1 random follower (using and I'm happy to send item numero uno to:
Follower #16 (alphabetically) t_mwalker

Secondly, I picked out 3 commenters from my 482 comments. The chosen few are:
#39 -  Manuela  
on Mami Doodles Spots and Stripes
#299 - Laurie Marmon
on And Now For Something A Little Different...
#61 - Crafty Math Chick 
on Happy St. Patrick's Day

I have 4 random packages of embellishments and accessories to send out to you, but I need addresses! Email me at stephanie . gru ss (at) gma il (dot) com (remove spaces, I'm trying to confuse spammer bots :D) in order to claim your prizes! Thanks for following and commenting, you really encourage me to keep doing what I'm doing! Have a super day!