Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes, store-bought actually means more

(This is an old post that I forgot to release, you may now enjoy the sweetness of it for the holidays! It's from November 15, 2009)
He's not here and he doesn't read my blog. I guess it's now safe to talk about my hubby. :) The other day, Friday to be exact, I was pleasantly surprised by my husband...and a pizza. I'm sure you want to know the story, and why I think store bought cards can mean more than handmade.
My guy's not the kind of rare crafty guy you might find at a scrap expo but rather, the rare door-holding type that you might find in Montana. He is a sweet, nerdy guy who married me for "all the right reasons" and I reciprocated. Still, no matter how happy you are in a marriage, it's the occasional sweet gestures that are remembered.
As you know, Friday was "Friday the 13th" and my Friday actually ended up being more like the "Monday from Hell!" Alas, I'm not here to complain. As I went into hour 3 of my 7 hour work shift I decided that, instead of having meal 13 of lasagna, we would order pizza from a local pizza place. So, I ordered the pizza and asked the hubby to pick it up and we would eat together at my workplace.
He picked up the pizza, and I was hoping that he was surprised by the breadsticks that I had ordered for him. I knew that I was being a real pill to be married to so I ordered the breadsticks as a treat for him.
Nearly an hour after I placed our order, he showed up at work. I opened up the breadsticks and handed him one. Keep in mind, I was pretty grouchy. (Stressed from school, work, and the job interview I was about to fly to Seattle for.) The hubby made a comment that the breadsticks were cold and that he hoped that the pizza was still warm. I'm now glaring at him. I thought to myself "you could have been quicker" and "they aren't really cold, whiner. Like I said, I was grouchy.
I opened the pizza box to find a piece of cardboard laying across my pizza. (Yes, that was what I noticed first!) A second look gave more information -- the cardboard across my pizza was protecting the rose he had brought me and a store bought card. The card said that he loved me and wished me good luck on my interview. So sweet! It made my night and helped me through the anxiety of my interview. After I opened the pizza, he asked for the breadsticks back. He said that they really weren't cold, he just wanted to be in the room when I opened the pizza. :P I love you honey!
The flowers are long gone and so is the pizza but, it's now December 6 and, the card is still on display atop the entertainment stand. That's why store-bought sometimes means more than homemade. It really is the thought that counts. :)


  1. definitely agree. it's so nice when guys do the unexpected. :)