Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fearless four card swap!

Here it is. My "card". Boy howdy, there's a lot on this beast! (Ok, for me, this is a lot of stuff on one piece of paper!)

I, being the queen of thrift, only added things that I got at garage sales or on clearance. I also decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to try my hand at making a sheet card for someone.
Here's what I did...I used the fun glittery polka dotted paper on the top and bottom. the strip on the bottom is a bit wider, it's to help ground the card. Then I cut out two of the brown dots that were on the edge of the page, I used these, with the blue brads, to "attach" the ribbon that says "Thank you" on it. Because the ribbon was very light (in color and weight) I used the plain white ribbon I received to up the opacity of the ribbon. Otherwise, the blue paper made it too hard to see what was written on the ribbon. (I guess, since I was using the ribbon as my sentiment, it was important to be able to read it!)
I accented the back with some of the cut out glittery dots and the super cute metal flower I had been given. All of it was carefully designed with the pocket fold in mind! I popped the card into its new home and carefully attached more "thank you" ribbon to the front. I used a huge flower with a bright pink "dot" of a brad to hold/hide the ribbon's end. To seal the card I used a piece of double sided tape that I destickified with my finger. (I wanted it to hold the pocketfold shut, not permanently attach it to itself!)
After all of that hard work, I defaced it by writing on the back and sent it to Laurie and Steve as a thank you card from the NY Marathon!
Be sure to check out the other's crafty surprises!
December is my month to send out the supplies to the other girlies so I'm looking forward to what they do in their next swap posts!


  1. Hehee, can't wait to see the full card but the back is looking hot now!

  2. Oh how cute! :) LOOVE the way you incorporated the ribbon. Adorable and the flower on the envie! So Sweet!

  3. Your cards are amazing! How on earth do you find time to make them though with all you have going on? ;)