Friday, May 27, 2011

Scrap Our Stash May Challenge

I struggle with using flowers on my scrap pages because I love the huge 3D flowers that are popular, so I decided to try a new type of 3D flower (well, new technique for me, many people have been doing these for a while.): The rolled flower.
I chose to do a card because I could put it in a box with a gift and not worry about it getting mashed as it would in my scrapbook. The flowers were pretty simple, since I'm not buying any new stuff for 2011 (with some notable exceptions) I didn't use a die or any templates. I just punched a circle and started cutting in a spiral. I scrunched, rolled, and then went nuts with Glossy Accents to hold it all together. I had to use hot glue to get the flowers to stick and I'm happy to report that I didn't burn myself. I wanted the flowers and the sentiment to pop, so I kept the rest white. Could have easily been a wedding card, even though I used it for a birthday. Super versatile!

Now it's your turn to take the May Flowers Challenge. See all the details HERE! Be sure to scroll down the page - Scrap Our Stash posts something new everyday.

Let's Party with Mami Doodles

I totally thought I was over the plague (that's what I'm calling my bout with Ohio these days) and then I went back to the doctor this week and found out that I have added a sinus infection to the party! How does that saying go? Two's company, three's a crowd, and four is a party? Well, with layrngitis, bronchitis, a sinus infection, and allergies I definitely have a party going on! What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger! I've also identified my priorities - re: the craft room is 1/2 unpacked, my clothes are completely packed still. o_O You didn't come here for my rambling about packing and diseases though, you came for my Mami Doodles creation! Here it is:

I used shimmery paper (dark and light blue) and gold foil to compliment the metallic blue and gold colored pencils that I used as accents on the image. Unfortunately, the penciling is so subtle that I couldn't get it to show on camera. I'll work on some macro shots in the daylight and see if I can get something better for you! And yes, you are getting another flat card. What can I say, there are a lot of Montana birthdays that I need to send cards for! Hope you join the party over at Mami Doodles and play along in the "Let's Party!" challenge! I can't wait to see what you make!

You may have noticed I used a modified Tuesday Morning Sketch...again! I always find so much inspiration, when I'm set on colors but stuck on layout.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm *fashionably* late to the party!

Happy Waltz Week!
(It's my party, I'll delay it if I want to! Ha! Ok, it's not really *my* party...)

I know, I'm a little late to the party. I'm ok with that though, because late means alive and well which didn't seem possible on the 17th. =D (Ok, <- That was a little dramatic it's just asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and laryngitis all at the same time. I'm going to be just fine.) But I'm good now! Sooooooooooooo, much better than I was at this time Tuesday!
Here is my awesome man card. Yeah, I used doilies and bling...because every award has there! I also used my itty bitty banners. In fact, if the other stamp sets I bought (<< Guilty confession right there!!) weren't gifts for others, I probably would have used them too...I'm just saying... Hope it rocks your socks and that you have a dancin' good time, because I am pretty proud of my doily award! :D (I'm feeling much, much, much, much better (as you can tell by my snark) than I have been for the past couple of months, it's a wonder what a geeky inhaler can do for a girl! lol Also, the fact that there are layers and handcut pieces also are a telltale sign of wellness.)

Waltzingmouse Rocks My Socks

I have a post plague belated Waltz post, but first I wanted to share my super simple card for this week's WMS sketch. It's extra CAS because when I made it I was lucky to sit still for more than 3 minutes without coughing. I'm doing better now, I only coughed twice while typing this...a record for this week!
Back soon with more posts...and announcements!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mami Doodles Spots and Stripes

Welcome to my big announcement post!
1) I'm now a member of the Mami Doodles DT! *Yay!* *Hooray!*
2) This fortnight's challenge is spots and stripes, you can find more details here!
3) I've moved to a new apartment! (A very good thing for those who knew anything about my neighbors. *Ugh!*)
4) Spring has sprung! It's actually quite pretty here in Ohio right now, even though I'm allergic to it all. Only a few more days until my allergy test though, I'm learning a lot about patience. It's good for me.
5) For my birthday, I got a Big Shot Pro. =D You'll see projects that reflect this amazing news as soon as I get unpacked.
6) I have another big announcement coming soon...stay tuned.
7) I have another big announcement coming after that...continue to stay tuned!
On to the card:
This purple beauty is one I'm really proud of! I colored the image with Copic markers on PTI White Stock. All of the pieces of colored or patterned paper are scraps, most were pieces that I got for free! Yay! If you have Freecycle in your area, you should post a "wanted" for paper scraps, you'll be amazed at how many people actually just cut a chunk out and throw the rest of a 12 x 12 away. (You could probably post on CL too, but then you might have to pay $$ for it.) I love this party girl and can GUARANTEE that you will see it again on another one of my cards. Oh, and I used this week's TMS sketch, it was far too perfect to pass up!