Friday, January 13, 2012

Mami Doodles White on White - Challenge #41

Good morning friends! Hope all is well with you! I'm here to bring you another Mami Doodles card. This week I used the Ribbon Collection (which is quite a steal at less than 1 Euro!) for my image. The challenge was white on white (with a pop or color) and I took the challenge quite literally! Shimmer white on flat white, with an awesome ribbon image.

I know some people out there think it's really weird to use a digital ribbon image on a card. I however beg to differ. The idea is genius to me! Why? Because I mail a lot of cards home to my family in Montana and pass a bunch around the office. 2 things happen - with the mail service, since they are still using the Pony Express, the horses appreciate the lighter load...ok, just kidding. But seriously, no matter how awesome the envelope, USPS mangles all of my cards with dimension. Same thing happens at work. Every time I pass a dimensional card around the office, the first person takes it, smashes it open, and flattens it. I *cringe* and have actually taken to just passing around the card back and hiding the front in my desk. Of course all the lovely crafty folks I work with want to see the card, so it prohibits my ability to have a productive workplace when I am "forced" to talk about crafty techniques and supplies. :P It truly is a matter of two birds, one stone with a paper ribbon image. No jokes!

Take some time, play along with the challenge here and go check out the sweet ribbons here!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. This is fun Steph! I love those white scallops! Is that bow flat, really? It looks so dimensional! Cool!

  2. I think the card looks great. At first glace it was hard to tell that was not a real cloth ribbon. Cloth ribbons sure can get beat up when mailed plus adds to the weight of the card. An added plus with the computer ribbons is that it can be tacked to the card with it pulling ot puckering. Great idea! Sue S.

  3. Oh you're too funny. I'm rolling in laughter here. But i do love your take on the challenge and the sentiment cut into the card is genius! love it :)