Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Scrap Our Stash challenge - NEW!

For this month's challenge over at Scrap Our Stash, I designed this cute little birthday card! I've been on a bit of a streak for little cute cards, I'm terrible at sending cards if I have to make them in advance so I'm working to get better about that by making them in advance. 
Other than my work-ahead approach, you may be wondering what's new about this card? This card uses a cupcake from my favorite new paper pad (SEI, Happy Day Collection), my new lightbox (made from tissue paper, scrap fabric, and a cardboard box; approximate directions can be found here), one of my (few) new stamps from The Ink Pad, and a new technique (the shadowbox layout) that I picked up from the WMS Grand Calibur party!

I am working on my photos of my cards and I feel like the lightbox is helping a ton! Note: When I'm using it, I normally have the light directly above the box, but I needed light to take a photo of the box! Any suggestions on things I could try? I even added props to this darling little photo! (Keep in mind that about 40% of my problem is that these days I'm going to work and coming home in the dark, so I can't take advantage of that wondrous phenomenon called daylight!) The hubby's out of town so it's off to craft a bit more for me! If he's lucky, I may even think about cleaning off my table! Ha! If you're looking for something to create, you should check out the January New Challenge at Scrap Our Stash.  Check out all the details here!


  1. Yay for a light box. They definitely help with always having a place for taking pictures of projects. Your DIY version looks like it's working great. Love the pink and green together. :)

  2. Just lovely! :) The card is just adorable!

  3. Cute card! I love your framed cupcake.

  4. What a cute card. Pink and green rocks! I love how you photographed it too. Daylight, Smaylight. Your lightbox has worked a treat.